Here is a full list of the Ministries and their respective Departments.

Ministry of General Affairs

Ministry of Justice & Defence

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Home Affairs

The Treasury

Ministry of Health

  • Public Health Service
  • National Ambulance Service
  • Health Pay Body

Ministry of Education

  • Office of Outstanding Education
  • Education Funding Agency
  • Standards Testing Agency
  • Office of Fair Access
  • Student Financial Service

Ministry of Equality Affairs

  • Office of Fair Access
  • Government Equalities Office
  • Office of Disabled Working Rights
  • Office of LGBTQ+ Rights

Ministry of Business Affairs

  • Competition and Markets Authority
  • Companies House
  • H.M Insolvency Service
  • Intellectual Property Agency
  • Competition Service
  • Pay Commission
  • Competition Appeal Tribunal
  • Copyright Tribunal

Ministry of Energy and Industrial Affairs

  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Authority
  • Innovating Catan
  • Atomic Energy Authority
  • Physical Scientific Research Council
  • Climate Change Service

Ministry of Environment Affairs

  • Met Office
  • Climate Change Service
  • Forestry Commission
  • Rural Refund Payment Service

Ministry of Rural Affairs

  • Rural Refund Payment Service
  • Office of the Leader of the Bus Commission
  • Office of Telecommunications

Ministry of Transport

  • Office of Rail and Road Services
  • Driver Standards Agency
  • Catan Transport Police
  • Aviation Service
  • Transport Accident Investigation Branch

Ministry of Communities

  • Planning Inspectorate
  • Building Regulations Advisor
  • Communities Agency

Ministry of Local Government

  • Social Housing Office
  • Social Housing Ombudsman
  • Valuation Tribunal Service
  • Homes Agency

Ministry of Deephaven Affairs

Ministry of Islan Home Affairs

Ministry of Catan Island Affairs

Ministry of Island Affairs

Ministry of International Development

  • Foreign Aid Service

Ministry of Digital Affairs

  • Office of Telecommunications
  • National Archives
  • CBC

Ministry of Culture Affairs

  • Royal Parks
  • Visit Catan

Ministry of Sport

  • Catan Sport
  • Catan Anti-Doping Service

Ministry of Work & Pensions

  • Social Aid Project
  • Social Benefits Office