This is the official list of the Government of the Kingdom of Catan.

Government Ministries

Rt. Hon. Abigail Barnet MP – Prime Minister

Rt. Hon. Aidan Carr MP – Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Justice

Rt. Hon. Agnes Velez Saldana MDP -Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Defence

Rt. Hon. Caelan Reid MP – First Secretary of State

Rt. Hon. Henry White MP – Minister of Foreign Affairs

Rt. Hon. Alex Hartley MP – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Rt. Hon. Shane Richards MP – Minister of Home Affairs

Rt. Hon. Rose Cox MP – Chancellor of the Exchequer

Rt. Hon. John Graham MP – Deputy Chancellor of the Exchequer

Rt. Hon. Izi Keye MP – Minister of Health

Rt. Hon. Rebecca Till MP – Minister of Education

Rt. Hon. Danielle Boswell MP – Minister of Equality Affairs

Rt. Hon. Keira Boswell MP – Minister of Business Affairs

Rt. Hon. Alex Sampson MP – Minister of Energy and Industrial Affairs

Rt. Hon. Joshua Miller MP – Minister of Environment Affairs / Commanding Officer of the Armed Forces

Rt. Hon. Lauren Addy MP – Minister of Rural Affairs

Rt. Hon. Edward Cox MP – Minister of Transport

Rt. Hon. Natasha Black MP – Minister of Communities

Rt. Hon. Millie Kirk MP – Minister of Local Government

Lady Williams of Barton – Leader of the Senate / Deputy Minister of General Affairs

Rt. Hon. Michael Knights MP – Minister of Deephaven Affairs

Rt. Hon. Alan Carr MP – Minister of Islan Home Affairs

Rt. Hon. Robert Truro MP – Minister of Catan Island Affairs

Rt. Hon. Robert Sampson MP – Minister of Island Affairs

Rt. Hon. Lauren Harrison MP – Minister of International Development

Rt. Hon. Gregory Baker MP – Minister of Digital Affairs

Rt. Hon. Rebecca Newlands MP – Minister of Culture Affairs

Rt. Hon. Leon Vance MP – Minister of Sport

Rt. Hon. Alex Bond MP – Minister of Work and Pensions

Rt. Hon. Michael Backhouse MP – Leader of the Representatives/Deputy Minister of General Affairs