The Government has announced that new driving laws will come in to effect from the 1 December 2017. Below is an information guide to the new powers of the Police, your obligations and more.

Powers of the Police

The Police Services of Catan, Deephaven and Islan Home have been given extended powers to enable them to stop cars and search without a warrant.

A full list of new legislation:

  • Stop and Search without Warrant
  • Assist Border Police in Searches at border crossing points
  • Force a motor vehicle to stop
  • Background check drivers
  • Search drivers

Your New Obligations

Within the new legislation you have new obligations that you must adhere to:

  • You must have your car tested and checked every 6 months
  • You must switch to new Catan number plates if you intend to remain for longer than 2 months
  • You must ensure that you have a minimum of remainder insurance
  • You must ensure that speed limits are met – new speed camera vehicles will be deployed

New fines have been introduced to combat illegal drivers.


N.B The law is different for business operators for heavy haulage. West Yorkshire Police no longer have territorial extent over Catan.